Thursday, 13 December 2012

Year: End Of

We're ending this fairly uneventful year with a knees up at the Bulls Head in Moseley with our partners in noise Sunrise Over Europe, Prayers and Eat Y'self Pretty. DETAILS

We'll be showing off some new songs that have been schemed up in converted industrial units over the last few months. They are genuinely, fo' real. 

Apart from generally existing, we'll be uploading an EP in the new year under the moniker "Hockley Wheeze". Super lo fi, super fun. That is it's motto. It will be free as fuck to download. 

Until then; here are some bands we've played with this year that made us grin.

and as always.... ALWAYS..... And Upstairs, Nurses

See you upstairs at The Bulls Head. Buy me a drink AFTER we play.