Saturday, 30 June 2012

It's just a few things you got me trippin'

Things to report:

1. A postponed show with Fighting With Wire (put back till their album tour later in the year)
2. New demos still camped out in the "work in progress zone".
3. Whittmund can't decide between 5A and 5B drum sticks. 

July. I'll see you tomorrow. In Sinister world we have, as the Danish say, "stopped off at the services on Junction 3 of the M5 and sat the fuck down with one of those fruit teas you get from Holland and Barrett". To your average Joseph this means we are spending more time on new songs and less on everything else. 

A tale ...

A few months back we were approached by some PR scouts whose main focus seemed to revolve around the acquisition (and acceptance) of English folks doin' a bit of that French House. Twas an odd few months in Sinisterville. Awkward phone calls, clueless emails and overall bemusement of the whole situation followed. They then asked us for a MASSIVELY INAPPROPRIATE SUM OF MONEY with no more reassurance than "so are you going to give it us? yeah, you." As we have no money and no means to recoup the no money we have, we let it pass. Quite content to take matters into our own hands until the world is offered to us on a plate with various flavours of crisp mixed into one bowl (controversial). This confused the face off them. "What do you mean you don't have supportive parents who will cough up?" "Come one, give us money, we're interested" etc etc

Any bands reading this....stick to doin' it yourself until you can waste SOMEONE ELSE'S money. Until then, make running water, food and electricity your number one priority.